Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Responses from class...

Notes on responding to sentiments...

"Gay Marriage agenda"

  • I am not taking a stand on anything.  The supreme court took the stand and now I am just stating a point of fact.  Staying silent is still taking a stand.  There is no neutral.

"Children at any age shouldn't be educated about that..."
  • ignorance leads to misunderstanding and hatred

"Natural way of loving someone"
  • Who decides what is natural?  Church says it is procreative only. What does naturally mean?  What are the different kinds of love?
  • In 2015, in this country, our supreme court has dictated that people who love each other are allowed to get married.  
  • In nature, there are other species that love each other who are not opposite sexes.
  • Studies show that 10% of the population is gay.

"Not our responsibility to expose kids to this issue.."
  • Danger of a single story...
  • Exposure is just another view point
  • If not our responsibility, then whose is it?
  • If 10% of the population is gay, then I am only talking about something that they are already exposed to in their families, communities, friendships, self.

Some key sentence starters:
  • "Some people believe..."
  • "In this country, in 2015..."
  • "Everyone has the right to feel safe in this classroom.  So..."
  • Windows and mirrors:  we know that everyone needs an opportunity to see him/herself in the curriculum.

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