Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thinking about Pecha Kucha...

As you start to wrap your head around the Pecha Kucha presentation, here are some tips and suggestions to get you started...

First Watch this PK for the overview:

But don't get overwhelmed by his uber-professional presentation.  Think of this as a master class in PK Presentation Style.  What do you notice that makes his presentation successful?

Then watch this PK that is a little less intimidating:

What do you notice about what makes this effective and what she (you) could do differently to make sure that meaning is conveyed in a more efficient and engaging way? I think that there are easy ways to improve this, and thinking about them will really help you with your own PK.

Let's try to use the comments below to brainstorm strategies for success and questions.  I promise to participate as well!

Have a good week!  See you on the 18th.

LB :)

1 comment:

  1. It was quite obvious that the PK on PK was done by a professional. The transitions between slides were seemless and there were no awkward pauses. Two things that were most helpful for me: 1. Stick to the big picture. Just because some piece of information may be "interesting" does not make it significant to the presentation. 2. Organization of images. Images should aid the story telling and help things move more quickly. They should not draw all of the focus and distract the audience.